Bible Shuffle

Bible Games!

Test your skill ordering the books of the Bible. Are you a beginner or are you a champion?

Have fun learning to order the books of the Bible! Learn the Old or New Testament, or start small with just the gospels or books of law. For beginners, see the correct order before you play or use hints during the game.

Parents: challenge your children; children: challenge your parents! You can save 12 names, so challenge your friends too. See who can go through five levels from Bible Beginner to Bible Champion first and win all five medals. See who is the fastest in each category.

Great for parents because it allows you to monitor how your children are doing in each category. Great for kids because it rewards you with applause, encouraging words and fireworks. Great for schools because it provides fun and competitive drills for your students.

Which category shows burning flames to remind us that God's Word is like a fire? Which category shows the planets to remind us that God created the worlds by His Word? Find out by downloading Bible Shuffle today!

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A fun and educational game for families, homeschoolers and Christian schools!

Bible Shuffle is a Christian app for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Here are some sample screens:

Bible Shuffle Menu Bible Shuffle Books of Law Game Bible Shuffle Player Scores Bible Shuffle Top Scores Bible Shuffle Levels