Realms of Glory    (formerly Heavens Above)

The heavens declare the glory of God!

Awesome Images! Explore 154 awesome images of our universe paired with Bible verses reminding us that God created it all: galaxies, nebulae, supernovae, planets, stars, moons, comets, asteroids, meteors, and spacecraft.

Discover the moon that shoots out jets of water vapor into space. See the asteroid with its own moon, galaxies colliding with each other, a butterfly shaped nebula, a galaxy with a trillion stars and so much more.

Planet Challenges! Learn about our planets as you match planets to their names, locations, sizes, spin rates, gravities, and orbits.

Bible Verse Game! Decode astronomical images into letters to make Bible verses. Solve 70 puzzles across 3 levels and unlock the comet shower.

Simulated Space Flight! Watch the planets and galaxies whiz by as you fly through space.

Plus definitions of astronomical objects so you better understand what you are viewing.

Includes 154 beautiful full-screen images, 6 Planet Challenges, a 70 puzzle Bible verse game, simulated space flight, image index, verse index, and definitions of astronomical terms.

Great for astronomy-lovers of all ages. Perfect for homeschoolers and schoolchildren wanting to learn more about God's universe.

Come view the heavens and be amazed as you see the glory of God's creation!

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Realms of Glory is a Christian astronomy app for the iPad.

(Heavens Above was renamed to Realms of Glory to end any confusion with the Heavens Above website.)

Here are some sample screens:

Realms of Glory Menu Realms of Glory Image Index Planet Challenge Spiral Galaxy NGC 4921 Realms of Glory Game Orion Nebula